Operation Eye by Maya Sinclair

2020-21 Annual Campaign

Operation Eye by Maya Sinclair

Maya Sinclair is a young girl who suffers from numerous health conditions including a very rare eye disease. The Dr. Clowns have had the pleasure of accompanying her for several years through a multitude of treatments.

She underwent several surgeries that caused her a lot of anxiety. At 8 years old, in order to help other children who might be faced with a similar situation, she decided to write and illustrate a book. "Operation Eye" tells her personal story and how she overcame her fears.

Maya entered her story in a writing competition where she finished as a finalist. It was her dream to get her book published one day. Her mother later learned of "Books That Heal", a specialized publishing house for children with medical issues. After submitting Maya's story they were fortunate to have their project accepted and published as is.

The book is now available in English and French. You may buy it directly through "Books That Heal" at www.booksthatheal.org or on Amazon.com. 100% of the profits are going to Dr Clown Foundation. Don't wait, get your copy now !

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Maya dessin Dr Clown

Pictures by Maya's family. 


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In honour of Frances ( Faigie) Freeman's special birthday.