Palliative care

Areas of intervention

Great encounters

The Dr. Clown Foundation artists encounter a variety of human realities as part of their work. In long-term care facilities, the La Belle Visite artists are sometimes called upon to attend end-of-life situations.

In such cases, they must adapt their artistic tools to better meet the needs of the people they visit. Their professionalism brings significant credibility to our organization along with the recognition by health professionals of the work and skills of our therapeutic clowns. There have been some incredibly touching and beautiful interactions with people at the end of their lives in some of these long-term care establishments. We have seen the benefits of music, poetry and the precious presence of Dr. Clown’s therapeutic artists; they have an invaluable role to play in Quebec’s palliative care mission, which is “to provide the best possible quality of life for patients and their loved ones.”

“The comment was made that therapeutic clowns make it possible to transform the environment, to celebrate people’s life stories, talents and strengths, while bringing beauty, healing, kindness, tenderness, respect and human warmth. The music the artists played often allowed the individuals to let go and express a full range of emotion. For the patients, the presence of clowns was a pretext to talk about meaningful human relationships. Several of them confided in the clowns, engaged in existential discussions with them, offered them advice and life lessons, and talked about their difficulties. […] More than anything, people said that the therapeutic clowns brought everyone a lot of joy.”

Aidez-nous à briser l'isolement

 L’impact positif de nos programmes est reconnu par le personnel médical et scolaire qui intègre nos artistes dans les procédures de soins et les objectifs d’apprentissage.

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