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Did you know that the Dr. Clown Foundation’s therapeutic clowns also visit adults in general hospitals experiencing periods of vulnerability? We work with people who are hospitalized for both short and long periods (surgery, intensive care), patients in specialized units (psychiatry, palliative care, geriatrics) and outpatients visiting day clinics to receive specific treatments (hematology, oncology, dialysis). Whatever their age, the individuals we visit benefit from the joy, relief and light-heartedness our presence brings into an often sombre and unsettling hospital environment. 

“Surrounded by her family, Mrs B is lying in bed with her eyes half closed. The curtains are drawn. It is almost total silence in the room. When the clowns knock on the door, everyone stares at them without reaction. We feel perplexity and questioning in their eyes. A nurse enters the room and says, “How lucky you are! You even have the visit of the clowns! “. The artists are invited to enter. They take time to greet everyone and walk quietly up to the bed. They introduce themselves to the bed-ridden beautiful lady. The minute she sees the clowns, her eyes open wide: “What a beautiful surprise!”. Ms. B says clowns are part of her family.

From this moment, the atmosphere of the room is more relaxed. The clowns say they felt like all Haitian people they met had hearts full of sunshine. A magical music moment begins! Everyone sings and dances. Everyone is smiling. The lady in her bed beats the bar with her arms. There is a real party in the room! This party is so inviting that many people gather in front of the door to look at the scene. Just before they leave, Mrs. B asks the clowns to come close to her. She lays a sweet kiss on their cheeks. She thanks them for this wonderful moment of sunshine.” – From the diary of one of the artists

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The positive impact of our programs is recognized by both medical practitioners and educators, who integrate our therapeutic artists into their care plans and educational objectives.

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