Areas of intervention

A program aimed at seniors in residential centers

The La Belle Visite therapeutic clown program brings humour into the healthcare setting. But it’s not just about making people laugh. Designed for seniors living in long-term care facilities, this program stimulates their imagination and lifts their spirits by inviting them to reminisce, share their memories and socialize.

The therapeutic clowns play members of the Labelle family. They invite seniors to stroll down memory lane and chat with them about the songs, dances, films, fashion, social mores and customs of their youth. Mostly, the artists are there to listen. They seek the advice of the seniors, who have a lifetime of rich experience in a variety of spheres of life, such as family, education, homemaking, personal finance and marriage, among others. This approach empowers elders by making them feel competent and useful, and places value on their experience in such a way as to help them see the world they belong to today from a broader perspective. 

Help us break isolation

The positive impact of our programs is recognized by both medical practitioners and educators, who integrate our therapeutic artists into their care plans and educational objectives.

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