Dr Clown

In paediatric hospitals, therapeutic clowns meet children of all ages, from babies who are just a few weeks’ old, to young children and teenagers.  They have to adapt to different physical and psychological conditions as well as various cultures.

Hospitalized children have to face the tedious and often painful routine of treatments associated with their condition.  Added to this is getting used to an environment that is strange and unknown to them, sometimes away from their parents and personal comforts.

In line with the health-care plan, where every action is measured, the clown offers free and spontaneous play.  They bring life and the license to be a child back to the five-year old, the three-month old baby, as well as to the adult staff who take care of them.

Our Dr Clown interventions always aim to empower children by offering them a choice. The child has the freedom to decline the visit of the clowns. By accepting this refusal, the clowns help build a feeling of freedom and mutual trust.  Also through role play or improvisation, patients can express negative feelings such as pent up frustration from days or weeks of hospitalisation. This can be as therapeutic as a smile or a burst of laughter. 





Dr Frog

Aline Muheim

Dre Marie-Chaussette


Dre Ayayaï


Dr Pompidou


Dre Pécadille

Anne Brulotte-Légaré

Dre Louloushka

Audrey Leclair

Dre Fly

Cinthia Sabetti

Dre Kytkat

Dorice Simard

Dre Jello

Elise Deguire

Dre Turbulence

Elyse Désilets

Dre Sanguine

Evelyne Laniel

Dre Pivoine

Geneviève Néron

Dre Peanut

Guillaume Paquet

Dr Spring

Isabelle Di Palma

Dre Ti-Boutte

Jean Saucier

Dr Zany

Jean-François Ouellet

Dr Tcheksa

Jean-Marie Alexandre

Dr Grand Galant

Jean-Pierre Blondeau

Dr Jean Bond

Jérôme Cattarin

Dr Bazinga

Joseph De Paul

Dr Panini

Julie-Anne Leblanc

Dre Kiitch

Karen Christine Coombs

Dre Ok

Karina Werneck Assis

Dre Dolores Mamamia

Lamshe Kelsang 

Dre Quenouille

Laura Lacoste

Dre Oups

Marie-Chantal Renaud

Dre Flash

Marie-France Gravel

Dre Queen

Marie-Pier Landry

Dre Pois-Chiche

Maxime Lee Larose

Dr Pédalo

Mélanie Raymond

Dre Cha-cha

Melissa Holland

Dre Fifi 

Michel Gionet

Dr Guy Môve

Michel Houde

Dr Apou

Michèle Sirois

Dre Petits-Pas

Naomi Krajden

Dre Trixie

Philippe Thibaudeau

Dr Waach!

Rosalie Hudon-Fecteau

Dre Gadelle

Serge Cambrone

Dr Patatrak

Tommy Bélanger

Dr Fluo

Valérie Gagnon-Laniel

Dre Vadrouille 

Véronique Provencher

Dre Toupet

Wanderson Santos Damaceno

Dr Wow

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