Meet our Artists

Meet the Foundation's artists

Over 55 therapeutic clowns

The Dr. Clown Foundation currently employs 56 professional artists from different backgrounds (circus, theatre, dance, music, early childhood education, teaching, psychology, gerontology and special education). They all share a common passion for clowning and have completed specialized training in this field as well as in the specific therapeutic clowning approach used by the Dr. Clown Foundation.

Our artists work in both the Dr. Clown and the La Belle Visite programs. They each play two distinct characters: a clown doctor and a member of the Labelle family. Artists always work in pairs and wear the traditional clown’s nose. Their goal is to establish a personal relationship with the patient and his or her entourage rather than to put on a show. Clowning provides moments of play and laughter that help strengthen the resilience of people in difficult situations.

Fondation Dr Clown - nos artistes photo de famille

Our Drs. Clowns

Working with pediatric or adult clienteles, our Drs. Clowns wear a smock, adapted to their individual bubbly characters! 

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Help us break isolation

The positive impact of our programs is recognized by both medical practitioners and educators, who integrate our therapeutic artists into their care plans and educational objectives.

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