La Belle Visite

Humour and compassion

Our therapeutic clown program, La Belle Visite, promotes humour in health care settings, both in Montreal and Quebec City… but making people laugh is not our only goal!

Designed for the elderly living in long-term care residences, this program promotes reminiscing, the lightening of moods, enabling relationships and socialization, and stimulating the imagination.  The therapeutic clowns are all members of the elegant, funny and charming Labelle family.  The characters and the costumes they wear are inspired by the 1930’s, 40’s and 50‘s, harkening back to the cultural context known to the elders in their youth. This artistic approach helps the elderly remember these years through song, dance, fashion, good manners and gallantry.  Above all, the artists are there to listen to the people they meet, ask for advice and take advantage of their rich experience in many spheres of life, such as family, education, homemaking, personal finance, marriage, etc.  This approach allows the elders to be competent and helpful, it values their life experience and opens their perspective to the world in which they now live.




Rosaire Labelle

Aline Muheim

Mimi Labelle


Barbara Labelle


Marcello Labelle


Paulette Labelle

Anne Brulotte-Légaré

Blanche Labelle

Audrey Leclair

Margo Labelle

Cinthia Sabetti

Colette Labelle

Dorice Simard

Dorice Labelle

Elise Deguire

Charlotte Labelle

Elyse Désilets

Betty Labelle

Evelyne Laniel

Jeanine Labelle

Geneviève Néron

Jeanette Labelle

Guillaume Paquet

Maurice Labelle

Isabelle Di Palma

Lili Labelle

Jean Saucier

Johny Labelle

Jean-François Ouellet

Frankie Labelle

Jean-Marie Alexandre

Joe Cappuccino

Jean-Pierre Blondeau

Pierrot Labelle

Jérôme Cattarin

Léandre Labelle

Joseph De Paul

Tony Labelle

Julie-Anne Leblanc

Candide Labelle

Karen Christine Coombs

Lucy Labelle

Karina Werneck Assis

Espérance Labelle

Lamshe Kelsang 

Olivia Labelle

Laura Lacoste

Joséphine Labelle

Marie-Chantal Renaud

Marie-Noëlle Labelle

Marie-France Gravel

Rita Labelle

Marie-Pier Landry

Mariette Labelle

Maxime Lee Larose

Jules Labelle

Mélanie Raymond

Loulou Labelle

Melissa Holland

Chérie Labelle

Michel Gionet

Alfred Labelle

Michel Houde

Ernest Labelle

Michèle Sirois

Zoé Labelle

Naomi Krajden

Cookie Labelle

Philippe Thibaudeau

Philidor Labelle

Rosalie Hudon-Fecteau

Rosie Labelle

Serge Cambrone

Gaston Labelle

Tommy Bélanger

Aimé Labelle

Valérie Gagnon-Laniel

Jovette Labelle

Véronique Provencher

Carmen Labelle

Wanderson Santos Damaceno

Valentino Labelle