Nos partenaires

The Dr. Clown Foundation is funded through donations from businesses, foundations and individuals who believe in our mission.

Since 2017, our impact has almost doubled and we are very proud to have been able to finance this growth by recruiting new partners and retaining our allies.

Our partnerships are based on trust, a win-win relationship and a concern to ensure engaging communication for companies that want to inform their customers and employees about their social commitment.

Whether it’s funding the mission, attending our annual fundraising event, or dedicating a donation to a specific program or region, contact Geneviève Chartré for more information on your opportunities for involvement.



Thank you to our precious partners

Donateurs majeurs et pluriannuels 

La Fondation Allard Ponce 

Fondation des petits trésors  




Fondation Pinard Deschenes
  Fondation Benjo
YWCA Canada accueille le don de 100 000 $ de la Fondation TELUS pour un futur  meilleur en réponse au COVID-19 | YWCA

Father Dowd Foundation

   Fondation Blain-Favreau   

Fondation J.-Louis Lévesque

La Fondation Lindsay Memorial │Montréal, Québec

Partners | La rue des femmes Nous contacter | Parasports Québec
Fondation Alice et Euphemia Stewart Fondation Conam