The Big Reunion

The idea of our “Les Grandes Retrouvailles” project came in response to the situation of the past months. With the arrival of spring and the easing of healthy measures, we imagined the happiness we would feel by reuniting with our loved ones. From this vision came the idea of offering meaningful reunions to children and artists of our Foundation that hadn't seen eachother in a long time.

We wanted to offer a moment filled with magic, emotion and happiness to a child for whom the presence of one of our therapeutic clowns had been significant during his time in the hospital. Thus, we wanted to offer this precious moment to some of our artists. The project “Les Grandes Retrouvailles” is the very definition of the expression “paying forward”.

That’s why, in March 2021, we launched a call to all on our social media. We were actively looking for children for whom the presence of Dr. Clowns had a significant impact during their hospitalization, and who are now doing well. We were overwhelmed by a lot of testimonies filled with love and gratitude.

After carefully sorting through these touching stories and exchanging with dozens of families, we were able to select 7 children (including two young adults). They would have the chance to see their favorite Dr. Clown again. The very Dr Clowns with whom they had created strong ties during a more difficult period of their childhood. For some, it had been 3 to 8 years since they saw each other.

"Les Grandes Retrouvailles" is a project filled with gratitude, love, humanity, authenticity, friendship, laughter, beautiful memories, and hope. Here are three big and touching reunions!

Les Grandes Retrouvailles between Dr. Queen and Emma

 The big reunion  

Little Emma is now 6 years old, and she only has a few months of chemotherapy left. Emma, naturally shy, has developed a strong bond of trust with Dr. Queen during her hospitalization in January 2020. The Dr. Clowns accompanied her to her very first chemotherapy treatment, and they managed to make her smile on more difficult days. Today, Emma wanted to share a unique moment with Dr. Queen, whom she was unable to see again because of the pandemic. She missed her dearly.

 The confidences 

In this exclusive video, Marie-France, the artist behind the character fo Dr. Queen, makes us feel all the excitement, emotion, and gratitude that inhabits her as she was preparing to reunite virtually with Emma.










Les Grandes Retrouvailles between Dr. Ti-Boutte and Romane

 The big reunion  

Romane is now 17 years old. She was admitted to the hospital for the first time when she was only 5 months. She stayed there for 2 years. To this day, she still has follow-ups at the hospital to ensure that her health is stable. The presence of the Dr. Clowns during her hospitalizations had a significant impact on her mood, and she developed a very strong bond with Dr. Ti-Boutte.

 The confidences 

In this exclusive video, Isabelle, the artist behind the character of Dr. Ti-Boutte, tells us how Romane marked her debut as a therapeutic clown. Isabelle also tells us how she experienced her excitement before her reunion, and her gratitude afterwards.


Les Grandes Retrouvailles between Dr. Sanguine and Nadine

 The big reunion  

Nadine spent her entire teenage years at Sainte-Justine Hospital. For Nadine, Dr. Sanguine completely changed the course of her hospital stays. She was with her until she was 18 years old and wanted to see her again to show her appreciation. Nadine is now 23 years old and no longer sick. She is an accomplished young woman, and is starting her professional life. 

 The confidences 

In this exclusive video, Elyse, the artist behind the character of Dr. Sanguine, opens up her heart and shares with us how she felt before meeting Nadine, and after having lived this beautiful moment. There was a lot of excitement and gratitude. 











A warm thank you to the seven fantastic children and families who made this project possible!

A special thank you to Guillaume Paquet and Antoine Quirion for the production of these videos.